We are climate neutral and support our clients on their way to more sustainability!

As a young company with many young colleagues, we also want to make our contribution to saving our planet and leave a place worth living for future generations. That is why we are ClimatePartner. In addition, we also want to inspire our clients to take new and sustainable paths within the framework of media measures.

“Our planet is our home, our only home. Where shall we go
go if we destroy it?”
Dalai Lama

What is Climate Neutrality?

(Man-made) climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Worldwide CO₂ emissions have increased by 75% since 1970 (IPCC 2014). The latest IPCC report (April 2022) indicates that greenhouse gas emissions in the past decade (2010-2019) reached record levels. To prevent global warming exceeding 1.5° and save our planet, we must balance CO₂ emissions and absorption (e.g., by oceans or trees). This net zero balance means climate neutrality.

How to become climate neutral?

Climate Neutrality at Deep Media

We have been a climate-neutral media service provider since 2023: We take responsibility for the CO₂ emissions caused by our company. We achieve this by reducing as many of the emissions we cause as possible and offsetting the remaining ones through climate protection projects. In this way, we actively contribute to the formulated 1.5°C target.

Which project do we support?

This project was selected by our team:

Clean drinking water in Laos

In Laos, many households are forced to boil their drinking water to prevent illness. To improve people’s health and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time, over 100,000 ceramic water filters are being distributed to rural communities as part of this climate protection project. These filters remove bacteria and suspended solids, giving people access to clean drinking water.

However, compensation alone is not enough – It is our commitment, both as a company and for our employees, to act in a climate-friendly, resource-conserving and socially responsible manner. Our employees have access to additional recourses on sustainability through training courses and seminars offered by ClimatePartner.

We want to make a contribution to saving our planet and work every day to further minimise our CO₂ footprint and also to inspire our clients to use climate-neutral services.

Offer for our Clients

As a climate-neutral media service provider, we want to inspire our clients to embrace new and sustainable approaches in their media initiatives as well. Therefore, we offer our clients the opportunity to create climate-neutral digital advertising campaigns through Climate Partner’s Green GRP Initiative.

ClimatePartner supports us and our clients in calculating the ecological footprint associated with the campaigns and offsetting it through certified climate protection projects, which can be selected individually. An additional benefit allows the advertisers to communicate their “climate-neutral advertising campaign” status on various advertising materials and landing pages.

Green GRP Climate Neutrality


CO₂ emissions are generated through the production and distribution of marketing campaigns.


Green GRP offers the opportunity to compensate for the caused emissions


Media partners support implementation and supply data


ClimatePartner calculates the campaign’s carbon footprint


Advertiser supports a climate protection project from the ClimatePartner portfolio


Advertiser may use the label “climate neutral advertising” campaign

If you have any questions or requests, our sustainability officer Frederieke Küster is always available.


„I am very proud that we at Deep Media are a Climate Partner and that we are doing our bit for future generations. As a young company, we are aware of our responsibility for our environmental footprint – so we work together with Climate Partner and our customers to leave a positive impact.“