Our Approach

Improving your Digital Marketing

What differentiates us from a typical digital media agency?

As an independent digital media service provider, we take advantage of new opportunities and combine media with machine optimization through artificial intelligence and deep learning. Our self-developed platform enables an innovative approach allowing control of all digital media channels across the customer journey – from Google to Facebook or Display. More and more media decisions are taken automatically, counting on detailed data. At the same time, we know that in-depth channel know-how remains a vital requirement for successful marketing. Our goal is to improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing!

Our Beliefs


Transparency & Data Sovereignty

  • One platform for management and channel experts
  • High level of detail – transparent for everybody via login
  • Data is owned by the client
  • Connection of BI tools and raw data export

Complete data transparency is the basis for authentic cooperation. Our clients have access to all relevant data down to the last detail at every time.

Consistent performance measurement across all channels is a key driver for efficient budget allocation. We manage campaigns holistically, neutrally and in the interests of our clients.


Neutral 360°-Channel Management

  • Customized management across all channels
  • Consistent measurement – “Single Source of Truth”
  • Assembling customer journeys
  • Client objectives more important than marketer preferences


  • Inclusion of detailed data segments
  • Utilization of visitor and audience data and micro-conversions as early indicators
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
  • High level of automation

A high level of detail is key to excellent performance. Today, this can no longer be achieved by hand, but requires the use of advanced technologies.

We value clients who enjoy working with us. Therefore we give clients a flexible approach to the cooperation model. We enable clients instead of making them dependent.


Consulting & Service

  • High-quality and unbiased consulting
  • High service level
  • Flexible service models

We enjoy doing our job as a service provider and are proud to work for and with start-ups, SMEs and publicly listed companies. We are not perfect, but we want to make digital marketing a little more perfect.


We look forward to hearing from you!