Incorporation of media buying and managing, analytics and CDP in one central and ePrivacy-certified platform

Deep Advertising Platform

With our platform, we provide you with a central, unbiased media technology that allows you to set up, control, optimize, analyze and connect all digital media channels using data from a single source. CDP, campaigning & optimization as well as analytics are no longer separate systems for us, but interlocked into one platform. The platform has a role and rights management incl. two-factor authentication and can be controlled both by us and by you.


In the platform, campaigns are set up centrally for all channels in order to automatically synchronize tactics, targeting etc. with the respective channels and systems via API. The management of cross-channel (dynamic) creatives, data feeds and customer journeys are centralized.


For campaign management, we use a variety of data along the customer journey – media KPIs, visitor and audience data, micro-conversions as early indicators of transactions. In addition, third-party data systems (e.g. for the integration of attribution models or return rates) can be integrated.


We use transparent optimization algorithms to manage the huge amount of data and detailed campaign structures at the same time. Our goal is to make your digital marketing even more efficient – both in terms of awareness and performance objectives.


Furthermore, we have developed various early warning systems to increase process quality and optimize campaign delivery.

Customer Data Platform

With the setup of the CDP, audiences are segmented and analyzed. This includes the calculation of individual conversion probabilities for the segments, which are considered for later campaign structuring and optimization.

The setup of the platform is simple and can in most cases be accomplished within one working day – this results in minimal initial effort on your side.

Advanced Analytics

The analytics section offers dashboards that can be individually assembled in seconds. Both C-level and channel experts receive the relevant insights on campaign development. In addition, various reporting options are available, such as customer journey analyses across all connected channels down to order ID level as well as assisted orders, domain and creative reports.

Customer journey analyses as well as sales modelling can be used to measure success across all channels. In our experience, models, that are easy to operationalize, are superior to less transparent statistical approaches in practice.

The insights gained in the analytics area are directly transferred to the campaigning & optimization module. Via your login you will have maximum transparency for all marketing measures in great detail at any given time.


Our platform is subject to the highest data protection standards

ePrivacy certified



Data Hosting with the EU

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Transparent, technology-based and cross-platform control of all digital media channels throughout the customer journey

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Consolidation of media buying and management, analytics and CDP in one central and ePrivacy-certified platform

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Flexible cooperation models: we challenge and advise, we manage, you manage, or we manage together

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