Service Models

Flexible cooperation models: we challenge and advise, we manage, you manage, or we manage together

We work for advertising clients from different industries, from hybrid models to content and technological support for in-house establishment.

This results in four service models that we offer.

Agency Full Service Model for advertisers with high service demand
We consult strategically and operationally, plan and direct
  • We use our continualy developing, unbiased ePrivacy-certified media management platform for your channels
  • We will support you along the entire process from briefing, media strategy, planning and buying to implementation, optimization and detailed analysis
  • Due to the deep integration of all channels, reporting can be accessed at any time and by any “party” down to the most detailed level
  • We proactively consult you for the further development of your digital marketing, e.g. by regular QBRs, workshops and trainings
Hybrid Model for in-house advertisers with service demand
We provide the platform, we manage together
  • You license our objectivity, ePrivacy-certified media management platform for your channels, which is continuously being improved
  • The development of the media strategy can be done by you or by us
  • The management is carried out partially by your in-house specialists, partially by us
  • Media planning, purchasing and optimization can be carried out by you or by us
Self-Service-Model for in-house advertisers
We provide the platform, you manage it
  • You license our objectivity, ePrivacy-certified media management platform for your channels, which is continuously being improved
  • The management is carried out by your in-house specialists
  • We support you at any time, e.g. with setup and onboarding
Consulting only Model for advertisers with selective consulting needs
We consult, challenge, provide training and conduct channel audits
  • Within the scope of digital channel audits, we analyze and challenge the status quo of your marketing activities to deduce recommendations for action
  • We advise you on specific questions and problems such as media strategy (awareness to performance), competition, target group, integration with classic, tech stack and many more
  • We identify and evaluate innovation approaches for your individual needs
  • Our experienced consultants summarize and provide the results according to your management needs and preferences

Our Services

Digital Consulting

Unbiased consulting & trainings, development of innovative media strategies, channel audits and potential analyses

Media Channels

Transparent, technology-based with a siloed approach allowing control of all digital media channels across the customer journey


Incorporation of media buying and managing, analytics and CDP in one central and ePrivacy-certified platform


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